Scrivener 2 and High Sierra

A while back there was a tweet about not installing the High Sierra beta owing to problems with Scrivener not working. Is that still the case with the upcoming final release of High Sierra?

I’m not in any hurry to upgrade OSX but since the release date for Scrivener 3 hasn’t been announced yet, I’m being cautious. Much as I love Scrivener for iOS, I don’t want to have to do an entire NaNoWriMo on it! :open_mouth:

Scrivener 2 now runs fine on High Sierra - it was just a bug in the early High Sierra betas.

My hope is that you’ll be able to write NaNo in Scrivener 3, though. :slight_smile:

I do share the same hope… :wink:

Thanks! I thought that might be the case, but I wanted to be sure.

That would be nice :slight_smile: