Scrivener 2 crashing in macOS Mojave

I upgraded to macOS Mojave a couple of weeks ago, and since then, every time I open Scrivener (I’m running version 2.6), I get a “The last time you opened Scrivener, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?” bubble. No matter which option I select (Don’t Reopen or Reopen), it leads to a “Problem Report” screen, with the option to click OK (which closes the app) or “Reopen” (which leads me back to the same unexpected quitting message). I can’t get the app to open directly anymore.

If I go into an old Scrivener file, I am able to get it to load, but I can’t save anything new, and I can’t create a new project without it crashing and putting me back into that same error message cycle.

Has anyone had this issue with Scrivener 2 and Mojave? I’m debating just purchasing Scrivener 3 to see if that will resolve the issue, but I am not sure if that will resolve the issue either…

I’ve had two crashes (using V3) similar to that since upgrading to Mojave. Someone recommended turning off Reopen Projects in the preferences.

Only Scrivener 3 is officially supported with Mojave. All versions of Scrivener 2 are entirely at your own risk, and no further updates to Scrivener 2 are planned.

In particular, please do not attempt to run any version of Scrivener prior to 2.9 with Mojave. 2.9 has some known issues ( … rchived-2x), but is basically functional. Older versions are much less likely to behave.

If you need to upgrade, you can download Scrivener 2.9 here:

If you are experiencing crashes with Scrivener 3 and Mojave, you can probably resolve them by resetting the project’s display settings, as explained here: … y-settings

Several Mojave-related fixes will be included in Scrivener 3.1. You can find the public beta of Scrivener 3.1 here: … 17&t=54047