Scrivener 2 License

I’m sure this has been answered and apologies for not being able to find it. Every thing is new around here. But I have version 2 and I bought version 3 but it didn’t take with me and I re downloaded 2 and installed but I don’t have my 2 license — and I was sure I read I didn’t need it now that 3 was up… Now I have a project due and need to finish it up. Please, where is the licence code i need or what do I do?

Thank you. I’ll be checking back

Read Literature & Latte’s FAQ on their web site I lost my serial number, what can I do to get it back? / Purchasing and Installation / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support.

No need to repeat here.

You posted under Scrivener for Windows—but there is no version 2 for Windows. Are you using the Mac version or are you actually looking for a v1 licence?

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I can’t check any longer, because it is locked out. I tried to go through the PayPal payment, but it won’t tell me what version I’m buying. I Guess I need the version 1 license then. Because 3 is not working at all for me. I dont want to fix 3, I just want to license my 1 and do these things.

Please open a support ticket, here:

We can’t address license issues through the forum.