I read a note by Keith saying he was working to make version 2.0 rock solid before putting it up on Apple’s Mac Apps site. Given there have been a few users reporting problems since upgrading to version 2, I’ve decided to wait until becomes available. When might that be?

2.0.2 is out now; 2.0.3 will be out probably within the next couple weeks, and that’s the version that it sounds like Keith’s going to be submitting for the Mac App store. 2.0.3 will be a free update to 2.0.2, so there’s no reason you couldn’t go ahead and get the current one now and then update when it’s released. 2.0.2 is certainly not unstable–the few bugs reported have all been pretty mild. It’s also inevitable that there will be some bug somewhere even in later releases. There’s a Murphy’s law about that in software. :wink: But obviously, up to you. 2.0.3 should be out soon!

Yes, 2.0 is pretty solid now. 2.0.3 - out in the next few days - will fix most remaining bugs I know of, except for a couple of tricky ones that are only affecting a handful of users.

That’s not to say I don’t get crash reports - I do, daily. But they all come down to a few obscure things that affect only a few users, and I’m trying to get more information. But all software crashes for someone, and I’m fairly confident that 2.0 is as stable as 1.x was now. 1.x didn’t have an automatic crash reporter, so I never used to get the crash reports like I do now; ultimately 2.0 will be far more stable than 1.x ever could have been because of this.

I’ll hopefully be submitting to the Mac App Store today, but 2.0.3 will be available to users long before it gets on the MAS, because it will most likely take weeks to get accepted. I can’t rule out the MAS version having fewer features, too, depending on whether we get rejected for anything or not. And of course, if you buy from us direct, we don’t lose a third of our income to Apple. :slight_smile:

You’ve probably answered my questions in your last sentence: new and current Scrivener users will continue to be able to buy their licenses and upgrades directly from the Scrivener website? And, how will the price (new and upgrade) of Scrivener be affected by its presence on the Mac App Store?

I’m currently using v2.0.3 in demo mode but plan to buy the upgrade license soon.

Finally, I want to say that v2.x is terrific. Can’t say why I like it so much, but it just feels right. Everything is so easy to use, so easy to navigate - you can move from a specific piece of writing to Scrivenings, for instance, without thinking about it. It all seems so natural. I liked v1 - but I love v2. I appreciate the great manual, too (I actually enjoy reading manuals).

Thanks, again, for all your hard work and for keeping Scrivener affordable.


Thanks for the kind words, Miles, much appreciated! The manual is all Ioa’s hard work, so that kudos goes to him.

The App Store will just be another sales avenue for us - it won’t affect the existing version at all. We’ll be continuing to sell through our website. We intend to sell Scrivener at the same price on the App Store ($44.99 in their price banding) - we may reduce the price on the App Store by five dollars, but only if we have to remove features that will remain in the regular site version to get accepted. Upgrade pricing will only be possible by buying through our regular channels, because there’s no way to migrate to the App Store.

It’s also worth noting that even once we get into the App Store, Scrivener won’t be available in the App Store for all countries. In particular we are unlikely to go on sale in the Mac App Store in Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Norway and a number of other countries. This is for tax reasons - Apple doesn’t handle sales tax for all countries (whereas eSellerate do), and being a small company we haven’t really got the resources to handle sales taxes in multiple countries ourselves.

Hope that answers your questions. Thanks again for the kind words about 2.0.

All the best,