Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3 MMD

I am coming out with a book next week and I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to update Scrivener now… ugh. I have the entire manuscript finished with traditional MMD for italics and for bold… how can I fix this to function in Scrivener 3? I tried the “emphasize” thing but it didn’t work. Also, my custom separator isn’t working… I just use normal punctuation marks, and I have it selected as “custom” but it’s not working :confused: I’m so depressed. Please help!

Why put yourself through all that stress?

When you first opened your project in V3, it automatically took a backup copy in the old V2 format, so if you haven’t made any changes, why not just re-download (or reinstall) V2 and use that backup copy of the project — you can use both versions of the program together if you want.

Even if you have made a number of changes, then in V3 you can Save As V2 format anyway.

Then when you’ve got everything out of the way next week, start your new project in Version 3 (it is better in a lot of ways, but starting to use it a week away from deadline isn’t one of them!)


Ok… I can do that… but for my future projects, how do you successfully use traditional MMD? I format my own paperbacks in InDesign so I like the * designation for finding and formatting individual lines of text.

Broadly speaking you use MMD in V3 the same way as in V2, but V3 has more features and fewer workarounds — for example you can embed mmd syntax into styles on compilation which many people find useful, — but that means some of the wrinkles are different.

As you’re talking about using it for a new project, rather than seeking to solve a specific problem, I think your best approach is to read Section 21 of the Manual, which will give you the most efficient workflow from the beginning, rather than a piecemeal adaptation which may miss useful tips.

You may also want to read posts on this forum by nontroppo, who has done a lot of work using MMD and Pandoc.


Although MMD is so much more flexible in Scrivener 3, you can still use it in the same way, you simply need to be aware that the compile setting “Convert rich text to MultiMarkdown” should be OFF:

For future projects I would recommend that you think about using Styles, which can be converted into the correct format on compile. So for example, you can make a character style called “Strong Emphasis” which when it is compiled is converted into TEXT — this has the benefit that you can export to many formats just by modifying the compile settings. You can even bind ⌘B and ⌘I so it toggles the style.

Also for InDesign, Pandoc can convert MMD from Scrivener directly into InDesign ICML — which should make your workflow much simpler…