Scrivener 2?

I’m new to Scrivener on Windows and i read somewhere there is a Scrivener 2 but haven’t come across it for windows at least, so i wonder the version i have ( - 06 Oct 2016) will my version continue to get new updates or is version 2 a standalone you have to buy (again) and is the latest version of Scrivener?

This is no version 2 for Windows, and my understanding is that there never will be. Instead Windows will jump straight to version 3, a short time after version 3 is released for the Mac. This will bring (approximate) feature parity to both platforms.

I believe that this should all happen sometime in the second half of 2017 although, for obvious reasons, nobody will make any official promises until the upgrades arrive.

It is also my understanding that these will be paid upgrades since they will both contain a large amount of big changes including a new system of “proper” styles.

Other people here may have more detailed, or more up to date, information, and I would be as interested as you to read it if they have :slight_smile:


Okay thanks Owen. I wonder if there will be some sort of discount for those who already own Scrivener like 15% off or something.

Yes, Mac/Win Scrivener 3 will be a paid upgrade.

Yes, there will be a discount for existing users. For the last Mac upgrade (Mac Scriv 2), the discount was pretty substantial, but I don’t know what the plan is for version 3.


I have Scrivener Version: - 06 Oct 2016. So, according to this thread, my software is completely up-to-date at this moment in time and when Scrivener 3 is released for Windows, some time in 2018, I’ll have to purchase that version (if I want the top-of-the-line program) for a discounted price of, maybe, $25? Correct?

If I choose NOT to purchase Scrivener 3, would I still be able to use the version? Granted, I’m sure you won’t be supporting it after some time (like MS Word and such), but it will still be a fully-functioning program, correct?

That is correct.

Thanks so much for answering and have a good weekend :slight_smile: