Scrivener Keep up to date - Deleted Scrivener.exe

When clicking on Help/Keep up to date and filling it with my email and my first name “Gábor”, Scrivener.exe quit instantly, and the exe vanished from its folder without trace.

The antivirus didn’t put it in quarantine, neither was it in the recycle bin or any other place on the drive.
I reinstalled Scrivener in the same folder and all my settings and the novel I’m writing is intact.

Did it crash after clicking the submit button, or while you were typing? Very odd either way.

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No, it did not crash while typing. It simply exited after submitting (what I mean is there was no crash message or any error), and the shortcut on my desktop didn’t work anymore. I went in the directory searching and also looked on all my drives but the executable was gone.

Very curious indeed :smiley:

Thanks for the alternative solution on the newsletter!

I’ve been signed up for the newsletter at least 8 years and maybe received one newsletter.

It used to get more use, but you’re right, lately I haven’t seen much.