Scrivener 3.0.2 cannot open files anymore

Scrivener was terminated by the operation system and after that it does not open any files anymore.
When trying to open one of the templates or a file from the start screen it shows an activity indicator forever.
When trying to open a file from finder, nothing happens.
I can still preview my files and even a newly created blank file does not open.

What’s really weird:
I deactivated my license, deleted the app and reinstalled it from this site.
But after that, the problem would still persist.

I also looked into ~/Library/Application Support and deleted the Scrivener directory, but to no avail.
Please help!

And, by the way, you should have a look at your registration page for this forum.
Google want’s you to do something about recaptcha.

Well, a reboot did it - something I do not have in my list of trouble sooting measures since I left the Windows world for good. :slight_smile:
After opening the project there was a message that the project is already open and from there I could get going.