Scrivener 3.0.3 crashes every time I sync

I’m using the mobile version quite a lot right now - in combination with MyScript Nebo and the Apple Pencil.

Whenever I switch back to the Mac version, as expected, it detects the change and asks to sync.

As expected, Scrivener Mac crashes.

Every time.

Is there something I can do so stop this?

I’m happy to give you any data you need.

You have the project open on the Mac while editing on your iDevice, right?
Close the project on the Mac before using your iDevice.

Good post! I was wondering about this and how smooth the new upgrade worked, or do I stay where I am with the previous version?

I just got my work synced on my Mac Mini and iPad Pro 12.9. I haven’t upgraded on my Mac Mini just yet to the newest version. Will I have to upgrade the iOS version as well or will the iOS apprecognize the newer version?

You can safely upgrade, but to avoid possible trouble, close the project when you stop writing, on all devices.

I’ll give it a shot and make sure all applications are closed.

This is harder on iOS, as the OS tries to keep it open, but I’ll force the application to quit.

It’s not at all difficult on iOS to close the project. Simply back out to the projects screen, and sync.

You do not need to upgrade iOS Scrivener – although you should, if you don’t already have the latest. The interface between iOS Scrivener and Mac Scrivener has not changed.

If you have any version of Mac Scrivener 3 other than 3.0.3, you should upgrade as it is a waste of everyone’s time to try to troubleshoot a crash that may have already been fixed.

If upgrading doesn’t help, what does the crash report say?


(Katherine: I don’t think MamaLib is having a crash problem. That’s Little Angel. I think MamaLib is just here wondering about the stability of Scriv 3. --gr)

Little Angel - would it be possible to zip up the project causing the issue and sent it to us at AT If the project crashes for you when syncing then hopefully it will for us too and we’ll be able to see what is going on.

Thanks and all the best,