Scrivener 3.0 and 3.03

Hello, I’ve constantly had trouble opening my files since I did the original update from 2.9. I always get a “cannot open project error” and then it makes an activation request, activation is successful, but the next time I try to open the file, the “cannot open project error” happens.

Also, when I check software update, I’m told I have 2.9 and need to update to 3.0. Well I updated to 3.0 months ago and then recently updated to 3.03. When I check “About”, it shows 3.03.

I don’t know what to do because I often cannot open a file and/or have to always activate again and again, and when it does open it opens the old 2.9, not the updated 3.03.

What can I do? Thank you.

Some of your older projects are probably still associated with 2.9 by Mac OS.

Open Scrivener 3 from the Applications folder, then go to the About screen to confirm that’s really what you have. Then, use the Open Projects command to open the project in question directly. If it’s still in Scrivener 2 format, Scrivener 3 will ask to convert it: say yes.

You can also right-click on a project in Finder and choose Scrivener 3 from the Open With menu.


Following your instructions, I confirmed that I have Version 3.03, and opened a couple of older files without an error or activation request. I also right-clicked and saw 3.03 on the Open With list.

Thank you very much!