Scrivener 3.0 for Windows Release

Is there a way I can pre-buy the 3.0 release of Scrivener for Windows? I have used the 1.9 release for years, I use the iOS version, and I really enjoy the product. However, I just finished Nanowrimo and want to use my discount code to pay for the upgrade since I don’t qualify for a free upgrade since I bought the Windows version before the update.

There is no way to buy an upgrade license at this time, but there’s good news if you already own a license for 1.9.X you’ll be able to upgrade to Scrivener 3.0 at a reduced price.

What do you mean that users of 1.9 would be able to upgrade for a reduced price? I bought version 1.9 in August, 2019 and was told the upgrade to 3.0 would be free.

For you it will be. The reduced price is for Win Scrivener users from before November 2017.