Scrivener 3.0 for Windows says it is unlicensed and I need to purchase a license

I upgraded to Version 3 a couple of months back when it became available and have been using it ever since. I used it as recently as 6/29/2021. Now, today when I start it, I receive the following popup:


It says I am unlicensed and I need to either enter a license of buy one. I found that if I just close the popup it still seems to work, but would like to resolve the issue. Can you assist?

I followed the feedback of a Facebook user and re-entered my license. That seems to have fixed the problem, I just don’t know why it happened.

I get this issue every now and then as well, where I have to reactivate my license.

Same thing with Scapple :thinking:

Contact L&L Support directly so they can work with you to determine if there is an issue with your account in Paddle and get it fixed. They don’t do license support in the forums due to privacy issues.