Scrivener 3.0 for Windows

Hi Samop

Yep, 24 free updates plus 27 beta updates on one sales invoice in nine years (to the week). Reasonable folks will agree: the development process has taken a while, but Keith and crew have really stepped up for Windows users.

Question though. You sound like a development insider. How did this come to be your first post? Care to introduce?

(Presume we’re not being spooked by an exceptionally articulate Halloween apparition. )

Cheers… Jerome

Why is this in the Tech Support forum?
I was also a Beta1 participant during that period, but I don’t understand this post.

Someone apparently repurposed a blog entry into a forum post. They were probably planning to come along and edit in some spam links after a while. The source post has been deleted.

In case you’re interested in more of the “insider information” they were quoting, it’s here: … rses-mouth