Scrivener 3.0 Mac and PC - Inconsistencies with Font Handling

Okay, so I have been using Scrivener for about a decade now, on both Windows and Mac. I absolutely adore it and the only way I’m touching MS Word again is if I gotta for editing purposes. makes face

There is a feature that I would like to see in Scrivener, but I have yet to see it suggested. First off, I am a complete font addict. I like to have a large font collection, for multiple reasons including digital art, but as a writer… Each POV character gets to choose their own font, what would best represent them, though sometimes this changes through the course of the writing of the book. And yeah, I have insistent characters that don’t shut up.

Now, um, here is where I should mention that my font collection is probably certifiably insane. I have a wee bit over 1500 fonts, and that’s after I culled the ones I disliked. I’m not surprised if this hasn’t been asked about before, because while I know other font collectors, most people don’t really seek out new ones. I do because it is an active boost for my writing. Everyone’s go their own thing.

Alright, so with a bit of testing with both Scrivener 3.0 Mac, and Windows 3.0 Beta2, I realized that when you selected a font in the Windows version, when you opened the font selection drop-down, it kept you precisely where you were when you chose the font you had just been using.

However, for some reason on the Mac, when I do this same thing, it starts your mouse over at the top of the list, as if you had never scrolled back down in the first place.

This is extremely frustrating to me, because I actually use different fonts quite a bit in my writing, for a plethora of different reasons. I much prefer the drop-down remember where my cursor had been when I selected the last font. It drives me nuts to have to scroll back to the top every time, particularly so when I have somewhere around 1500 fonts.

Now, I know that the Windows Scrivener 3.0 version is a beta, but it currently includes the feature that remembers where you left off in the font drop-down. But, the Mac 3.0 Scrivener version, which is no longer in beta, does not have this feature.

I understand that this is perhaps a bit of a niche request, but I know others who have been frustrated with Scrivener 3.0 Mac’s inability to remember where in the drop-down the cursor was last. Basically, what I want to know, is there any possible way of getting this feature on the Mac drop-down?

Alternatively, if this is not possible for some technical reason or another, I had considered the concept of having a “Favorites” collection, perhaps a subfolder in the font drop-down. That way people would be able to set aside the fonts they most want to use.

Thanks for listening, and I’d love to hear back as to whether there is any possibility that either of these feature options will become a reality. I honest to gods would love to see one of these two options happen, or something else that allows better font management within Scrivener. I don’t have a preference for either, really. What I want is more font management and control functions in Scrivener, regardless of which OS it is own.

That said, I do know you all are very, very busy. I understand if you cannot answer this question, but I’ll be shameless enough to ask. What are the chances of either of these making it into a released version? I totally understand if the answer is, “The powers that belike it but we can’t afford it right now”, or “Nope, that’s a project we don’t want to pick up.” But if someone goes, “Hmmm… maaaaybeee…” then I would be hoping like a magical hope pony.

Also, I wish to thank the folks at Literature and Latte who have been putting out an excellent product for years, and who have been super supportive every time I have had to contact them for a technical issue. Even with the font annoyance, Scrivener is still flat-down the best word processor I have used, and I have had them since 1992. I would not walk away at this point, but, well, this is a feature that wolud make my life easier, and I’d love to see it implemented.

Thanks! Happy Pink Holidays a tad early. :slight_smile:

(formerly Nonny)

I suspect the difference in behavior is not something intentionally written into Scrivener, but is a difference in the behavior of the widgets/controls in the two operating systems. This certainly seems to track with my memories of using text programs on both Windows and MacOS – Windows programs “remember” your last font setting (unless you’re an Office program in which case they do their own thing) and MacOS programs don’t.

CMD T brings up the macOS font panel, which has customisable collections / favourites.

The dropdown list of fonts on the formatting menu stores the five most-recent font selections at the top (a dynamic list of de facto favourites).

When using the dropdown list of fonts on the formatting menu, you can navigate to the font you want by typing its name. For example, typing HEL will jump to Helvetica, PAL to Palatino, etc.

Slàinte mhòr.

I’m not sure it’s a UI widget issue, but it could be. A Selection of favorite fonts would still be appreciated. While having an exceptionally long list of fonts to chose from is fun, it’s also time-consuming.