Scrivener 3.0 Tutorial Cork Board

Thanks for a great product!

My instance of Scrivener keeps freezing/crashing while using the tutorial with Version 3.0 but only clicking on/off the Cork Board view from the navigation pane according to the instructions in the “Get Organized >The Corkboard” document.

I am not sure if this is a bug because it doesn’t repeat when I open other Scrivener projects -though none of mine are fairly well-advanced. I’ve asked on FB if anyone could reproduce the problem, but no one replied. The problem only seems to occur when following the instructions exactly. If you use the ctrl-2 short cut it doesn’t freeze.

I get the same problem in the tutorial for Scrivener 3. I get to:

when I double-click the yellow book icon Scrivener stops responding and I have to kill it.

I’m sorry you’re both running into some trouble. I haven’t been able to reproduce this, nor have we had other reports on it, so it doesn’t seem to be a universal problem. Therefore it’d be helpful to get a little more information on your particular setups to try to track down the issue.

First off, just to be clear, the action is happening when trying to display documents on the corkboard? Not when toggling off the corkboard to display a different view mode? For instance, if you have a folder loaded in the editor such that the folder’s contents are currently showing on the corkboard, clicking the corkboard icon in the toolbar will switch off the corkboard view and instead show the folder’s text. In the first post, I’m not sure if the freeze is when toggling the corkboard on or off and how many documents should be loaded there. For the second, it sounds like it’s when already on the corkboard, trying to display the contents of Going Further.

A few things to try then…

In Scrivener open File > Options and under the General tab, click Warnings on the left and tick the option to Show internal log console. When you next run Scrivener, a console window will open as well and display the log as you work. With that running, go ahead and follow the steps in the tutorial that are causing the hang, then check the end of the log–is there any sort of error line there?

Next, you can try clearing the project’s interface settings–that’s usually a good step to try when dealing with quirky behaviour only affecting one project. To do this, after you’ve reopened the project, hold the Alt key while clicking the File menu and select the Close Project and Clear Interface Settings option that appears. The project will look a little different when you reopen (and it won’t necessarily be set up the way the tutorial instructions expect it to be); see if performing the same actions as before cause the hang.

Another “project cleaning” action to try is File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes. I don’t really expect it to have much effect here, but it’s worth doing to be thorough, and it won’t hurt.

I’ve done a bit more testing and for me it seems to be opening the Going Further folder in corkboard mode that does it. I can open other folders and files in corkboard and switch modes without issue. I can open Going Further in scrivening and outline modes without issue. But if I’m either in corkboard mode and switch to that folder or that folder is open and I switch to corkboard mode the programme hangs. I’m not sure if relevant but the folder first appears as 2 columns of cards then flips to 3 columns after about a second. I haven’t been able to switch out of corkboard mode in that second.

This seems to happen whether the editor window is split or not.

There is nothing in the log at time of hang. Just info about full load times. The only warnings I have in the log are a bunch of “Warning: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile” when Loading Icon Manager Icons.

I then went on to do the Close Project and Clear Interface Settings and that does seem to have cured the problem. I can now use corkboard mode in the Going Further folder with no issues. In case relevant it now opens straight away as 3 columns.

So I’m now fine but this was a clean Scrivener 3 installation and going straight into the offered tutorial, saved in a folder away from any Scrivener 1 files. I hadn’t strayed far from following the tutorial through.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for taking a look at that. The switch from two to three cards across might very well be the clue–some graphical issue with drawing the cards properly for the corkboard area that ended up freezing things. That could have been triggered by the size of the window and corkboard area, which would differ from user to user based on screen display resolution and whether you’d resized the project window or elements within it like the binder or inspector. The tutorial is set to automatically size the index cards to fit three columns across, but clearing the interface settings would change that (as well as potentially affecting the inspector and binder widths, etc.), so if that was the issue it would also fit that resetting the UI fixed it.