Scrivener 3.0

The reason I say 3.0 is because what I may be asking is far fetched an unrealistic.

What I would like to see in SCR 3.0 is a “Plug In” architecture.

I have no idea how SCR is coded so I have no idea how or even if this is possible but here are my reasons.

A plug in architecture would allow Team Keith to still develop the Core SCR functionality without having to worry or waste time adding in extra functions.

Team Keith (TK) has said before his idea of SCR is a streamlined product. I would like to see it stay that way. With version 1.11 (and upcoming 1.12-3) we will see some new functionality but overall SCR is pretty much a done deal product. It is beautiful in its streamlined approach and it is FAST! because of this, worry would always be as it grows and gains functionallity it could become bloated.

Hence the idea of the “plug-in”.

I base this idea on software I use frequently. (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop).

And the idea is a third party could develop a “plug in” to enhance SCR without destroying the Core project.

So say a developer created a “Character Database” plug-in. Users could download and install the plug in to gain functionality but users who do not wish to use it would never see it in the “core app”

This way also TK could staty focused on the core development while third party developers could develop “alternate functionality” without messing with the core app.

Just a thought for years down the road.

By the time we get to 3.0, Scrivener had better just write the damn book for me.

While I agree with the concept (and suggested something similar earlier) I am beginning to think that KB should avoid this idea. How many “why can’t I get XXX to work with YYY installed” do we really want to see? Need I point out the various “scriv is not a db/browser/beer dispenser/dish washer/vic-k deterrent” threads?

That said…

KB or TK or Capt’n or God or Power that is, If you choose to provide a plugin/api architecture please provide access to the import and export routines. I would love to build a blog posting interface. Just an area where I feel scriv would blow the doors off the “competition”. That and I want it for myself.

whoa whoa whoa

… this thing doesn’t dispense beer?

For us mere mortals, no. Vic-K has a special version that dispenses Jameson but he had to pay an unimaginable price for that. Depending on how you view vic-k’s version you might say that it really isn’t scriv that does the dispensing, but some other entity that supplies him with his dosing of life essence.

Did I get that right vic-K?


I dunno.

A plug-in architecture does sound very interesting, but I think they often lead to compromises in usability.

A case in point is QuickSilver and Launchbar. I think they’re both excellent tools, and while QS is much more flexible, I think that Launchbar is a lot more intuitive. I think this is because the developer can look at each of the limited functions that it was designed to perform and focus on giving the best user experience for that narrow range.

A plug-in architecture has to cater for everything, so the API cannot really focus on a small number of things particularly well.

Don’t try to do everything, but do fewer things better than everyone else; that’s what makes the Mac a winner (IMO.)

If not, it’s because of a wrong installation of Quicktime. At least my Scrivener dispenses beer without a problem. It’s the dish washing that’s not quite satisfying, especially after cooking something with tomato…


I was thinking the Beer Dispenser and exploding goats would come with 2.0


I think we all agree that a Beer Dispenser is… ahemm, indispensable.


Hi there

There is a nice little notebook app called Mori.

Here the Plug In architecture is implemented.

A lot of people have written plugins.

Fx there is a little draw plugin so you quickly can make a simple sketch of an idea.