Scrivener 3.0

Not really a feature wish, but I am sure I am not the only user and fan of Scrivener who is indescribably curious about what Scrivener 3 will be like. This request may be a little childish, and I of course understand if the creators want to keep this under wraps, but I’d just like to state that I am sure I am not the oly one who would be super excited to get a little peek into Scrivener future.

Thanks for creating Scrivener, and I am happy about your well deserved success.

PS. If this request is superfluous or not right for this forum, it will not be taken amiss if it’s taken down.

Please see this thread, which already contains a long 3.0 discussion:


The short version is that L&L is justifiably being tight-lipped. We’ll just have to be patient.