Scrivener Not showing word count progress

I have just updated to Scrivener and I noticed that the progress bar for the session word count is not filling up. I must have written about 50 words or so, yet the count is still 0/350. I already tried changing the word goal (my original goal is 300), as well as tried by restarting Scrivener, yet there is no progress on the session target. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Are you writing in the Draft/Manuscript folder? Unless you’ve checked “Count text written anywhere in the project” under Project > Project Targets > Options... > Session Target, Scrivener will only count text written in the Draft folder.

I was indeed writing from the Manuscript folder, but I found the problem. When I last compiled my document, I only selected a few chapters from the Manuscript to export, so it was only counting the words added to the selected documents. But when I checked all the boxes again, the progress bar started filling up.
I appreciate your answer, amickie, for it helped me think of how I could fix the problem.

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