Scrivener 3.1.0 loading folders and text slowly

I’m using Scrivener for Windows 3.1.0 with Windows 11 (all updates current) on a Surface Pro 7, and after the latest update to Scriv, all my folders and text files are loading very slowly. At the current pace, it takes several seconds to move from one text file to another, and ten seconds or more to move between folders. Clicking on the top-level folder gives me enough time to go get coffee!

This software has always been lightning-fast, and I can’t imagine what could be causing this issue. Has anyone else seen this?

Well, that was fast. Always remember, kids, to reboot before whining…

After a quick reboot, things are much faster. Still not as fast as Ver. 1.9, but close enough I don’t care.

To me, the inspector is what brings performance to the ground.

They definetly need to do some improvements in that area. Closing the inspector allows much much MUCH faster switching between documents.