Scrivener 3.1.5 in Big Sur crashes on opening.... can't find any App Store update?

I have a new Mac Mini 2018 and upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur.
Scrivener ran great in Catalina - but now with Big Sur, Scrivener crashes on opening any file.

Scrivener 3.1.5 in Big Sur crashes on opening… do I need to buy an upgrade?

I can’t find any upgrades to Big Sur in the Apple App store.

Not sure what to do… hence my question.

The latest version of Scrivener is 3.2.2. You should be able to find the update on your Purchases tab in the App Store software.


Apologies to all… I discovered there is an update link on my desktop Scrivener.

So after I installed that, it stopped crashing!

But I was confused since that update link isn’t in the Apple store, it’s only in the desktop Mac Scrivener pulldown edit list.

So thanks everyone! Problem solved… (at least until the next Mac OS update)

The most likely reason is that you actually have the direct sale version of Scrivener, rather than the App Store version.

I just checked, and can confirm that the App Store also has Scrivener 3.2.2.


Indeed, the update check menu command is not present at all in the App Store version (such things are not allowed for software sold through there).

You can make things better for yourself in the future: go into the Preferences: Startup section, and tick the final option to “Automatically check for updates”. Set that to whatever you want, I’d suggest daily since we don’t pump out frequent updates anyway, and when we do it’s usually for a good reason.