Scrivener 3.1 Manual

Hey everybody,

Question: Will Scrivener 3.1 earn other new features apart from darkmode? I am about to have the whole manual printed as it’s a great resource. Curious if i should wait little longer to have the most recent version on paper.


It looks as though 3.1 will get new features and a new manual: … 55#p276355

Slàinte mhòr.

Yes, there are a few more changes than just dark mode. :slight_smile:

Thanks, JoRo.

So Keith, spoiling as ever :smiley:

Guess we would be ready than.

Is there a beta program for Scrivener 3.1?

No, there’s no beta programme running at the moment.
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Vim input mode — I knew it would come eventually…

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But, seriously, Vim input mode would be more than awesome!

After 30+ years of almost exclusively using Vim, and now almost exclusively editing in programs other than Vim (like Scrivener), I still curse every time I have to look down at the keyboard to use arrow keys or “home” and “end” keys to move the cursor. My cursing is more creative when I am forced to use the mouse to move the cursor.

On my Mac I use Karabiner Elements ( with Hyper Navigation, Capslock to Hyper/Escape, and Hyper Deletion. Then I have something at least resembling Vim cursor movement and some simple deletion. This makes me curse less.

However, then I use Scrivener on my iPad and just end up toggling CapsLock all the time!

I have not yet run out of swear words, but I am probably close.

If Keith added a proper Vim mode to Scrivener for macOS and for iOS, the air would be less blue at my house. Surely this is reason enough . . …


By the way, my browser extension of the year award goes to Vimium. While it is listed as a Chrome-only extension, it also works fine in Vivaldi and there is a Firefox version as well.

The best part about it for me is the ‘f’ key, which brings up a hot key driven link navigation overlay. To submit this form for instance, I can type ‘fsp’.

Vim inputting in Scrivener has been a running joke on the forum for many years now (Amber and I would both love it, but realistically accept we may have to wait a little longer…).

I use Karabiner Elements, but with the following mappings:

  • Caps Lock > Escape (on single press) / Control (when held down)
  • Return > Return (on single press) / Control (when held down)

I also have a custom DefaultKeyBindings file which is a mixture of vim and emacs mappings such as:

  • alt-w/b = vim word motions
  • alt-h/j/k/l = vim cursor keys etc

and of course the Mac has many of the standard emac bindings baked in (I use ctl-a/e/d/n/p a lot.)

It’s not totally satisfactory, because there are a few gaps, but it’s miles better than the standard editing navigation keys.

I also have the same problem with iOS — unfortunately the Smart Keyboard doesn’t even do ctl-a/e/d/n/p which is as you say, really frustrating.

I shouldn’t hold my breath then? Just the top 30 Vim commands would be so good!