[Scrivener 3.2.1] Check for Updates... is greyed out

I hear that there’s a 3.2.2 update, but Scrivener doesn’t let me check for updates.

I can do it the hard way, but still …

Um… evidently that’s because the “Check for Updates…” code was broken. It’s one of the bug fixes in 3.2.2… :smiley:

Chicken or egg, then. Thanks!

That’s not the case - there was a bug in 3.2 whereby the “Check for Updates” options were missing from the Preferences, but this didn’t affect the “Check for Updates” menu item. So I’m not quite sure why that would be greyed out. If it’s present, it should never be greyed out, since the action it points to is never disabled, so this is really weird.

@DrMajorBog: is “Check for Updates” restored in 3.2.2? The only thing I can think of is a corrupted install.

“Check for Updates” might be greyed out if the app is automatically checking for an update at that very moment.

I have seen that happen with various Mac apps, not just Scrivener.

That doesn’t explain it unless the automatic check was taking a loooong time.

Yes, check for updates returned in 3.2.2. I don’t know if it was ever there in 3.2.1, since I only looked for it when I knew an update should be there. It could have been a corrupted install, but I didn’t notice any other problems.