Scrivener 3.2.2 and Dropbox Syncing Help needed

Each time I open Scrivener on my Mac, make edits to a project, then shut it down, I goes to auto sync and gets stuck. Dialogue box says Syncing to External Folder, Syncing 6 of 42 and just stays there.
I have to do a force quit to move on. I have made a copy of my project on my Mac and deleted the ones on drop box to start over. When I open the renamed file, same thing happens. . I’m wanting it simply start over.
I have backups to Time machine and an external drive via SuperDuper. I originally set up the sync for my iPad via drop box. It seems that iOS sync was not to be to External Folder but I can’t change that.

Hello srsalmon, and welcome to the forum.

The issues you have encountered are when you use Scrivener’s File > Sync > with External Folder command, is that correct?

If so, does the project you’re syncing have a lot of styles and stylesheets used to format text? I ask because there is a known bug where projects with heavy use of styles and stylesheets are not syncing to external folders correctly.

Now then, if you’re trying to sync your Scrivener project from your Mac to an iPad or iPhone, you won’t use that external folder syncing process. Instead, you’ll use the process outlined on this Knowledge Base article on syncing via Dropbox.

It provides step-by-step instructions for getting Scrivener on your iOS device to sync with Dropbox and then to either a Mac or PC. Some of the keys in that process are setting up the Dropbox folder from within Scrivener for iOS and sending a test project from the iPad/iPhone to Dropbox first.

Then, you can use your Mac’s Dropbox folder within Finder to move the main storage location for your project to that shared Apps/Scrivener folder within Dropbox.

We also have this Knowledge Base article that explains how to create manual iOS backups. I recommend adding that process to your writing habits when working with Scrivener on a mobile device.

Edited to add: I also recommend updating to Scrivener version 3.2.3, just to ensure that you have the latest patches available. You can do so via “Check for Updates” under the Scrivener menu.

Yes, issues started when using File/Sync/with External Folders.
Yes, the project has lots of styles
Yes, I read the Knowledge base and forgot not to sync with External Folders for iOS.
I have only one file that is doing this, so I’m going to try just deleting and rebuilding that project.
Updating to 3.2.3, I can’t find the Check for Updates option. I read the Knowledge base. It says under Section 3.1 Installation:
“You can change the automatic update settings in Scrivener ▸ Preferences…, un- der the General: Startup tab, Automatically check for updates. Once enabled, adjust how frequently the software checks in with our server to see if there is a newer version.”

I have no option for “Automatically check for updates”.
How do I update my version?
thanks, I"m new as you may can tell.

If you click on the Scrivener menu, you should see “Check for Updates” as the sixth item in that menu. The first will be “About Scrivener.”

In that same Scrivener menu, the second option is “Preferences…” and selecting it should open the Preferences panel. When you do, you’ll see seven options across the top, with the first being the General tab.

Under it, you’ll see a left-hand column of 11 options. The Startup option at the top is where you’ll find the 'Automatically check for updates:" settings.

Does seeing that screenshot help?

Since you’re new to Scrivener, I recommend spending some time with its Interactive Tutorial, which you can access via the Help menu. Working through it will take about an hour, and you’ll get a chance to test out the settings and some features without using your writing as a testing space.

I’m also a fan of the Mac tutorial videos, which demonstrate a lot of the settings and features.

As stated before. I opened Scrivener>Preferences>General>Startup. It is not there. Only shows 3:
-Reopen projects that were one on quit
-Show template chooser when there are no projects opened
-Reopen Quick Reference panels when opening projects.
It does not show the Automatically check for updates. Do I Need to reset defaults?

And yes, I have been watching the tutorials a lot. Big fan too. I have seen the compile videos numbers times. thanks

Did you purchase Scrivener via Apple’s Mac App Store? That might be a factor in why the updates option isn’t showing.

If so, you can go to the Apple menu on your Mac and open the App Store from there. In the App Store’s interface, you’ll see an Updates option at the bottom of the left-hand column. You can click there to see if any of your purchases need updates installed.

What device are you trying to sync to? If you want to work on your project via iOS Scrivener, you don’t need – and shouldn’t use – the Sync with External Folder command. Just put the project in the Dropbox folder and go from there.

Per @RuthS’s suggestion, you still want to update to the latest version, but the underlying issue may be that you’re not using the right tool for the task.

I’m using my iMac (Catalina 10.15.7) syncing with my (iPad iOS 15.4.1).
On my mac, I accidentally synced with External folder. Understood. I can’t seem to undo that.
Everytime I work on a project in my Mac, at closing it auto syncs to the external folder. I can’t get it to stop.
I use my iMac 80% of the time.
I purchased it Via the App Store Sept 30, 2021. It shows no update when I click on updates.
thanks for the input.
There is another topic on this I have looked at. He is having the same issue. Not sure how to link topics.

to provide a link to another topic simply copy that link to your clipboard the paste it here in a reply.

thanks again.