Scrivener 3.2.2 and macOS Monterey public beta

Just checking in, as I’ve scoured the internet and can find no information - is anyone here running Scrivener in macOS Monterey? I was going to install the public beta, but thought I’d better check first in case there were any issues.

It’s beta. That’s an issue.

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Using Scrivener with any beta operating system – Mac or Windows – is unsupported and entirely at your own risk.

While we welcome reports of any issues you encounter, you should not expect a compatibility update until close to the official release.

Yes, very useful comment, thanks.

I’m not asking for support. I’m not asking for anything official. All I am asking is if any user of Scrivener 3.2.2 has used, or is using, the app with macOS Monterey.

Now I remember why I don’t use these forums.

You may not be asking for support, but sometime soon someone will come along wanting to know why we don’t yet have a fix for an Apple-related bug in the beta. With any luck, they will find this thread.


A member of L&L staff merely posted a helpful reminder on beta OS support. As there is often an increase in support requests as OSs move through the beta phase, the reminder is timely.

No need for a petulant response.

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I used to be much more willing to experiment and always installed the beta versions immediately, but today I advise against it, at least not on a productive environment. You can assume that L&L is working on a compatibility update that will be released in due course. However, at such an early beta stage, installation is risky.

Fwiw, I am running the Monterey public beta and have not had any problems yet with scrivener. Monterey is one of the more stable beta releases in memory. The only bugs I have seen have been with Safari. I’m not so sure everyone will like the new way it handles tabs.

As others have said, If you have other software that is critical you might want to wait to make sure the developers have checked compatibility. I just like living dangerously. :wink:

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