Scrivener 3.2.2 Hanging Suddenly

Another issue. Last night when I was trying to fix my formatting problem (Thanks for the help with that), I’m suddenly getting the color wheel in my Scrivener app. The fan on my 2018 MBP kicks in to high gear as well. Last night I turned off Wifi and got the program to behave long enough to make a panic-backup to my desktop.

I do use Google FileStream (not backup/sync). I know it’s not recommended to use, but in two years I’ve never had an issue before now and I’m hesitant to think that has something to do with it. I’ve disabled FileStream but am still suffering the problem. The program is unusable and I can’t work on my project.

-Actually, after several bouts with the program hanging (takes about two or so minutes to recover), I can use it again. This is somewhat unnerving though.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate any help you folks can offer.

Scrivener assumes that all the numerous files inside your project are in your local drive all the time. Using a cloud service that doesn’t always keep a copy on your local drive—any service—is likely to cause problems and result in a corrupted project. Google File Stream fits this description. So does iCloud with “optimise Mac storage” turned on. So does Dropbox “Smart sync.” I suggest you avoid them all for storing Scrivener projects.

Hope this helps!

Silverdragon doesn’t speak for Literature & Latte, but I do, so I can phrase things a little more succinctly:

Use of Google File Stream with Scrivener projects is unsupported and entirely at your own risk.

If you still experience the hang when the project is stored locally, the first thing I would check would be whether you recently imported something like a complex web page that’s trying to run some kind of script. I’d also check the Mac’s Activity Monitor to make sure that Scrivener is at fault, rather than a systemwide issue of some kind.


Issue went away completely for the last two weeks. This morning though, it’s back with a vengeance. I am working locally. Are there any troubleshooting steps on offer?

Again, check and see if there’s a rogue media file of some kind. Imported web pages are a common culprit.


No, nothing like that. I only have text saved in the project. Maybe one or two links. I don’t leverage the features like adding images and such.

Old fashioned corrupted file, I suppose. I unzipped my backup from last night and it’s working fine. Thanks anyway.

Nope, happened again. Seems like the text I have in Ch2 I the problem. When I search for “passed” and it gets halfway through Ch2, it goes back to locking up.

Hopefully this is the end of the issue, and that this thread will help someone else.

I found a block of about 700 words in my Ch2 text document that would consistently reproduce the issue. I created a new document and copied/ pasted the 6k words that came before and after that selection. Then I recovered the 700 words from a PDF backup I have of each chapter, and inserted them in the new doc. Copied my notes from the bad Ch2 and pasted them in the new Ch2. Moved the bad Ch2 to trash. Seems ok so far.