Scrivener 3.3.6 desktop version quitting repeatedly

Scrivener keeps crashing, either when it’s in the background or when I try to add something to an existing document in a project. This is v3.3.6 on Mac, and my Mac is an Air running Sonoma 14.3.1.

Sonoma has been a bit buggy. your version not current. Does problem go away with current version 14.4?

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If updating doesn’t fix it, do you see the same issue in all projects, or just this one?

Updated. Didn’t fix it.
After I updated I added a sentence to the main project I use for my current work, and it crashed almost immediately.
When I restarted it once again rebuilt the index. I opened a different project and added a sentence, and it hasn’t crashed in the first five minutes or so.

Please reset the display settings in the problem project, as explained here:

I did that but the project now looks different - I think labels have disappeared? I can’t tell if it’s all there.

I would go through any programs you tend to run, either in the Dock or in the background (typically found up by the system clock, volume controls and so on), and make sure they are all up to date. It is very possible (and not uncommon) for old software to crash other programs—particularly if they enhance other programs, like clipboard history tools would.

You can also run a quick check to see if that might in theory be the problem, by logging out of your account via the  menu, and logging back in, holding the Shift key down as soon as you press Return on your password, and keeping it held down until it is fully logged in. In that state, run Scrivener alone and see if the problem goes away. If it runs fine all by itself, then you at least know it’s a conflict or old buggy helper program somewhere.

As for the UI reset changing your label visibility, yes, it will reset all project settings back to factory defaults. This can be useful if a project is crashing or misbehaving. The instructions provided showed how to back up your settings first, and restore them if that doesn’t solve the problem, so hopefully you can do that. If not, this setting in particular is found in View ▸ Use Label Color In. I don’t know which one precisely, but the options there are all pretty self-explanatory.

Ah, thanks, Amber. If what you’re describing is starting in Safe Mode, my computer won’t do that, to the bafflement of the menders whenever I have to bring it in.
Oh, and Use Label Color In worked, thank you!

Thank you for your help, kewms, rms and Amber. The problem appears to be fixed. Whew!

The method I describe is a “softer” safe mode. It isn’t rebooting fully, but just logging in without any of your normal start-up utilities (like Dropbox) launching. So it is useful for seeing if other programs are messing things up, whereas the full safe mode boot is better for checking deeper problems like drivers.

Anyway, glad things are working better now. :slight_smile: