Scrivener 3 and MathType 7


Am trialling Scrivener 3 (3.0.2) on 10.13.4.

I downloaded and installed the trial version of MathType (

It is instantiated as expected from Insert > MathType Equation; and I can enter equations in MathType.

At the ‘Save Back to Scrivener’ dialogue, though, MathType itself crashes 100% of the time.

Is there a known incompatibility or problem, please?


Are you able to save equations from MathType into any software at all? I can’t—I tried four different programs with known MT support and it crashes with every one of them. If you get the same, you should contact Design Science as it seems they have a rather widespread bug in the current version.

Interestingly, for me, MathType 7 worked fine and saved the equation into Scrivener. But I was going to try exactly what Scrivener did - testing it with Pages and any other apps that support it. It definitely sounds as though you want to get in touch with Design Science - or WIRIS, in fact, as it seems they have acquired Design Science.

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Hmm, macOS version difference maybe? I’m testing from 10.12.6.

Thanks so much for your helpful replies here!

(I’m new to Scrivener; and love it - by the way: If I can get this sorted out, I shall probably move from Trial to Purchased.)

Have indeed contacted WIRIS - twice, But had no reply.

BTW is it a known bug here on the forum that the caret appears almost below the line of text when typing?

I’m testing was on macOS 10.13. But I just tried on macOS 10.12.5 and that worked fine for me too. Strange.

Although I cannot reproduce it myself, I have written to one of the people we liaise with at Design Science. I have no idea if he is still around given that they’ve been acquired, but I’ll let you know if I receive an answer.

As for the cursor in the forum, yes, I think it’s just a curiosity of the font and line spacing used. To be honest I had never noticed until you just mentioned it!

I’ve just heard back from the MathType guys and it seems they were in the process of writing to you, Mark, so hopefully you should have received their reply now. It seems that it is down to a bug in MathType 7 whereby a necessary folder isn’t being created on the disk.

I’m wondering if the reason I’m not seeing the problem is that I had MathType 6 installed on this machine already? That may have created the necessary folder - or perhaps it’s because I have Word installed?

I see that MathType has sent you a solution and that they are fixing it in their next bug, so hopefully you are up and running.

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Yes indeed! Thanks.

Derrick wrote a very helpful email explaining just that. Would be happy to post the exact details here if anyone else would find it useful.

With support like this it’s time to curtail my trial of Scrivener and become a paid up owner.

Very impressed - and very appreciative :slight_smile:

(Any thoughts on the bug whereby the caret in this forum is placed almost on the line beneath the one on which one is typing, please?)

Sorry for the late reply - I’m still catching up after the Bank Holiday here.

I’m glad MathType got back to you and have everything sorted. Please feel free to copy their instructions here for others; I’m sure others will find it helpful.

I think you must have missed my comment on the caret in my earlier reply:

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