Scrivener 3 and Metadata - guidance needed please!

Could we get an overview of the metadata changes / improvements coming in Scrivener 3? I recall some discussions about streamlining and consolidating the various forms (labels/statuses/keywords/synopses/document references/project references/comments – am I forgetting any?) in Scrivener 2. I’m at the outset of a new book project that’s going to require a lot of coding and annotation of source materials, and considering doing the source processing as well as the writing in Scrivener (I’ve done a lot of the latter before, but not the former) – but it would be really helpful to know what the metadata frameworks will look like later this year when Scrivener 3 comes out.



We aren’t going to be streamlining or removing any of the meta-data you currently have available, and you should find all of it will upgrade seamlessly to the new format. The main difference with the new version will be expanded custom meta-data—Keith posted a bit here on that.

“In the next desktop version of Scrivener, you will be able to create different kinds of meta-data (dates, pop-up buttons, checkboxes),” quoth KB.

Thanks for the reply – on further review, I think the limiting factor for this use case will actually be the fact that not all of the metadata would be accessible in Scrivener for iOS.