Scrivener 3 and viewing embedded docs

It appears that Scrivener 3 can’t display the contents of embedded OmniOutliner files, whereas Scrivener 2 could.

Is this…

  1. A bug?
  2. A not-yet-re-implemented feature?
  3. A new, permanent limitation?
  4. OmniOutliner’s fault?



Scrivener has never had any knowledge of OmniOutliner files. For files it does not recognise it simply uses a Quick Look view, which is an Apple standard view that displays the Quick Look preview of the file. So if this isn’t working for OmniOutliner files, this suggests there is something not working with the OmniOutliner Quick Look plugin on your machine. The first thing to try is locating an OO file in the Finder, selecting it, and hitting Space to see if the Quick Look preview works there.

All the best,

Thanks Keith. Looks like it is indeed something on OO’s end.

try rebuilding launch services

See … ment=45898