Scrivener 3 App Store upgrade

I have been using Scrivener 3 on Mac during their trial and like it very much. I was previously a Scrivener 2 user that had obtained my license through the Apple Store. The Literature and Latte site indicates that if we provide proof of purchase of Scriv 2 through the Apple store that we can obtain via upgrade price and that they will provide a discount coupon. I have done that and emailed L&L multiple times over the last several weeks and have not received any response. Any suggestions on how to get their attention on this.

I have split this post to a new thread since it was unrelated to the one you originally posted to.

Sorry to hear you haven’t been hearing from us—you should have received a response by now (at the very least, an auto-responder)—be sure to check your spam filters, and if they seem clear, let me know in a PM what email address you would have used to contact us with. I had no luck finding your forum address in the support system.