Scrivener 3 & Audio Files

I’m just playing a bit with Scrivener 3, learning what’s new. I was hoping that I could drag-and-drop an MP3 audio file into a Scrivener manuscript, compile as ePUB, upload into iBooks or Kindle, then play the audio file in the respective e-reader. This was not possible in Scrivener 2, and my initial testing suggests it’s still not possible in Scrivener 3. Anyone else tried to get this to work?

I’ve tried too, With .mp3 and .m4a files. Like you noted, this does not seem to be a feature I have been able to find so far.

I’m pretty sure Kindle will strip audio.

As for epub, I know it is possible, at least in iBooks/Books, meaning if the file is there, it will play (probably need a ‘play’ button) because you can do this quite easily in iBooks Author (Scrivener is light years better, so don’t bother). I’ve verified this.

The question remains, how to do this in Scrivener 3. Maybe Scrivener 4? I’m not holding my breath.

This is not possible in Scrivener 3. I would recommend using a dedicated ebook editor if you need to embed media files.