Scrivener 3 Binder no longer shows chapter synopsis

This is hard to explain - but after this upgrade and on creating a new novel writing project: As I pass my cursor over each chapter heading in the binder, it no longer flashes up each chapter synopsis/key point. This means with a long list of chapters I can’t get a quick visual reference to move back and forth through the project; and so have to open up each chapter to see the synopsis/content. Anyone else had this problem?

Might you have been using the Outline view, rather than the Binder? I don’t remember the feature you describe ever existing.


Thank you Katherine for your reply. I don’t think I’m on the Outline view, but will check that out. I went back to the old Scrivener file I used this on (I think it was S1) but had to upgrade it before being able to check this function.

Thank you though.


In the older versions of Scrivener, the synopsis text would be displayed as a tooltip when hovering over binder items for long enough. I don’t recall when that went away, but I think it was with version 3, and was a result of some changes Apple made to how these kinds of lists work.

At any rate, having to wait for tooltips to show up and viewing only one single synopsis at a time was never meant to be the only way you could view this information! Try clicking on the draft folder itself, or whatever it is that contains these headlines, and using the View ▸ Corkboard menu command (and that is where you will find the Outliner as well, if you prefer the kind of nested list the binder uses) if necessary. You can view and edit them right here in this area.

Thanks for your help Amber V. The corkboard function works just as well.