Scrivener 3 but iOS showing Scrivener 2 files

Hi, I have been using Scrivener on my mac laptop and ipad mini for some time and syncing between the two with no issues. I recently upgraded to Scrivener 3, but when I sync my ipad it is showing the old Scrivener 2 versions of the files and not the new Scrivener 3 projects.

I disconnected Dropbox in the iOS app, deleted local files and synced/downloaded again, but it is still showing the old version of my projects.

I have not changed anything in settings on Scrivener on either my mac or the ipad mini (running iOS 11.2.2) Any suggestions on what to do next please?

Also just realised my new project, created in Scrivener 3 is not downloading at all to my ipad. It’s like the iOS version doesn’t “see” scrivener 3 files.

Are you sure you have saved the v3 project in the same folder as the v2 projects?

Yes. I never changed the location. The v3 projects are in the apps/scrivener/ dropbox file, but the iOS version is only seeing the v2 projects that I haven’t yet converted.

Are you sure that the Scrivener 3 projects are actually being uploaded to Dropbox? A High Sierra update that came out about the same time as Scrivener 3 silently disabled all startup items, including Dropbox.


Oh my gosh! Thank you. That was the issue and I hadn’t even noticed. I have fixed it now, my ipad has the correct files and I feel a little foolish but very grateful :slight_smile: