scrivener 3 compatibility query

upgraded to sriv 3 on my mac pro, only to learn I could not upgrade my old macbook pro beyond 2 because the os won’t upgrade high enough. so, option a), I downgrade to scriv 2 and stay there, or, option b), I get an ipad pro and sync between ios scriv and scriv 3.
is option b even possible?
I already lost the ability to use my windows machine (at least for now) so I guess leaning towards option a) but pretty disappointed about it.
any thoughts - what about a scriv 2 - scriv 3 compatibility mode…

any advice welcome.

You certainly can revert to Scrivener 2, which would restore compatibility with the Windows release version as well. You can download it here:

You can also sync files between iOS Scrivener and either version of Mac Scrivener, but you can’t use iOS Scrivener as a bridge between Scriv 2 and Scriv 3 on the Mac.

And a compatibility mode does exist. File -> Export -> As Scrivener 2 project in Mac Scriv 3.