Scrivener(3) Crashes on Trying to Load Project

Recently upgraded to Scrivener 3 from Scrivener 1, which all went smoothly. The problem arose when I tried to open a project via the browser. Regardless of whether I try opening upon launch or from inside the application itself, Scrivener crashes. No “Not Responding” box or any type of crash report, As soon as I click “Open”, it loads the browsing folder, then crashes a few seconds later, right to my desktop (like I said, no windows of any other kind pop up).
Now I can still load projects by going to the project itself in my documents folder and opening the .scrivx file directly, so it’s not like I can’t access any projects. Just thought I should put this out there, so it’s noted. Maybe others are having similar problems…

Quick bump/update. Problem is still occurring. Have tried restarting computer, reinstalling scrivener, messing around with files and load paths. Crashes every time. Seems with no replies that either no one else is experiencing this problem or no one has a clue how to fix it. Oh well, hopefully some random update will resolve it at some point in the future :}.

Please open a support ticket, here: