Scrivener 3 Crashing... relentlessly.

So I upgraded to Scrivener 3 and hadn’t used it yet, because I wasn’t at the point in my workflow where I typically do. And yesterday finally tried.

Hooo boy! What a nightmare. Scrivener won’t stay open for more than a few minutes before crashing, if it opens at all (it often doesn’t). I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. I’ve tried starting with a new project. Nothing works.

I’ve attached my most recent crash log. As of right now, Scrivener is literally unusable on my machine. HELP!

Thanks very much,

S Crash Log.pdf (155 KB)

There are a number of warnings going on around the address book database. Scrivener uses that to fill in your name and such when you create a new project, create comments and that sort of thing. I’d advise going into System Preferences: Security & Privacy: Privacy: Contacts, and disable Scrivener’s access by disabling its checkbox. That should at least avoid the crashing, though you may want to seek help from Apple on getting the underlying problem resolved, if it starts causing issues elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in Scrivener you can maintain the same convenience of it filling in your name and such by providing that information in the General: Author Information preference pane.

So far so good! Thank you! Might make this deadline yet… :slight_smile: