Scrivener 3 does not keep the format from Scrivener 1


I have just updaded from Scrivener 1xx to Scrivener 3 for Windows.

It appears that my old projects in S1 have to be converted for S3. But the resulting format of the text is not the same and also the font is weaker (it is the same font name and size in both the original text and the converted version) but the font looks much weaker. The format of the text is not kept, In the new version text rows are are cut and the text are rolling over to the next row were it should not.

Regarding font rendering, go into the Editing: Options tab of File/Options..., and play with some of the different options for Display font hinting. The default is typically better with most fonts, but if it doesn’t work well with your chosen font, you may find another option suits it better.

As for the rest, are you sure this is formatting that has changed? It sounds to me more like you want to adjust the settings in Appearance: Main Editor: Options. Maybe a different set width there, or even none at all if you tend not to have wide windows.

Lastly, it would be a good idea to go through Appendix E of the user manual PDF and browse anything that might impact your workflow.

Thanks for the feedback.
I have tryed the suggestions. I can fix the rows issue as suggested regarding the fonts the font hinting options does not seem to change anything. As far as I see it should be the same font it is the same font name and size. However I don’t think it is the font it looks like the whole screen when opening a document in S3 aree much brighter than in S1 which makes the font look weaker as well. I have tried the window theme options but it is not that.

Thanks for the help.

I leave this for now. I was just so surpriced when an old document opened up looking differt in S3. I think I am used to that the user configuration specifics are kept when upgrading to new versions of software in general.

Because so many options changed, and so much underlying code (there were years of development between versions, much of that behind the scenes), we decided to not automatically import your old settings. You can try do that yourself if you want, using the old version to save your settings to a file, and then importing them with the new version, but I wouldn’t recommend it. That hasn’t been thoroughly tested (if it was, we would have perhaps carried them over automatically). Instead, given the broad changes to everything, I would suggest going through and setting things up the way you like.

But as for this specifically, the fixed width editing mode didn’t even exist in the previous version, which was a huge pain if you had wide windows as text would be scrawled across an entire 27" monitor or whatever making it hard to read. You had to artificially limit the width with wide binder and inspector settings and splits and such. So there wouldn’t have been any settings for that anyway.

As for the font, I don’t know what to tell you about that. Maybe there is a newer or better version of that font you can download. I have encountered some fonts that look terrible in Windows for whatever reason, and finding a different version has helped. “Light” or “weak” is how I would describe that condition.

Font rendering in general changed between versions though, because we updated the core libraries used to program the software. Overall font rendering is better, which doesn’t mean better for your font obviously, but as an overall statement. You should find fewer cases where the kerning is awful and such like that.