Scrivener 3 (Dr Dre Edition)

Given the nonsense that has been making the rounds over the past couple of days, I’d like to see a Beats edition of Scrivener.

New UI - Black leather look, with gold buttons and sliders. Shiny. I want real shiny. The shinier the better.

Music player. Yes, I know there have been requests for this before, but this time I want it loud, and with enough bass to shatter the monitor.

Camera view: So I can see if soldiers of the East Coast posse are coming up behind me.

An extra for the project stats: I need to be warned if I’ve written more than a page without swearing, bragging about my sexual prowess or cussing someone’s mother.

Got it. So a violin case with a Leica strapped to it and an angry Leprechaun inside. Sounds like one of the better writing software ideas I’ve come across in a while.

While we appreciate all suggestions, I’m afraid that for 3.0 we will be heading in a different direction to this, instead weaving it out of unicorn tears. Also, Sirens’ song will play whenever you type a multiple of fourteen words. We considered black leather but decided that it isn’t appropriate for a program with many icons such as Scrivener, which is why the icons in Scrivener 3.0 will each be a different shade of green.

So the leprechauns have had some influence then - at least there’s no mystery regarding what made the unicorn cry.

I’ll train myself to write sentences of 14, 28 and 42 words, and paragraphs of 56, 70 or 84 words so I can tie myself to the mast and type when 3.0 is released (how are hyphenated words counted?).