Scrivener 3 file to Scrivener iOS?

How do I transfer my Scrivener 3 file from my Macbook Pro, and have it opened up inside Scrivener for iOS? It has my old Scrivener 2 file, but I need my new file, because the old file hasn’t been updated.

You save it in the same Dropbox folder where you have your v2 project saved, but move the old version if they have the same name.

I no longer have the older file on my Dropbox, and I would like to add this new file as a new Project, but when I tried to do so, Dropbox saw everything inside the one Scrivener file, as individual files. What do I do to fix this?

You shouldn’t look at it from the Dropbox app, at all. Place it in the same folder where you hade your old project and start iOS Scrivener and set it up to look in that folder.