Scrivener 3 for iOS & Scrivener for Windows version questions


I bought Scrivener from the App Store about 8 months ago for my iPad.

I saw your announcement that is coming soon. But the App Store for iPad is promoting it heavily now, but there is no link to download it. Any update when it will official be available.?

Also I purchased Scrivener for Windows as well. If I upgrade my windows version, which I think I can now, will it effect my Scrivener iOS iPad version, since the upgrade isn’t available yet? I’m worried, especially about when syncing?

I didn’t see any post about this, so I’m sorry if I missed one. Thanks for your time.

IOS Scrivener supports both the old and new project formats, though it can’t convert between them.

The application exists now, and can be downloaded immediately. Once you purchase it, you should be able to download directly from the App Store software. Future upgrades will then be available automatically via the App Store, just like most iOS applications.


WAIT. I have to purchase it again. I believe when I purchased it something about the next versions would be free?

So on the site it says I know have to pay.

Here’s a link to the promotion for iOS
The Word Doctor Is In : Write and organize your long-form projects with Scrivener 3.

That link is to the MAC App Store, not the iOS App Store. They are two separate things. Version 3 of Scrivener is for Mac (and soon for Windows), not iOS.

I think you are somehow confused.

The iPad version of Scrivener has been available for a long time. It has no new version on the way, or at least nothing has been announced about a new version.

The iPad app does not cost $44, and therefore the screenshot that you show seems to be referring to the Mac version of Scrivener.

The windows version of Scrivener 3 exists as a freely available (and free) beta version and will be released officially as a paid version when L&L are finally certain that is ready.