Scrivener 3 for Windows Cannot Create Backup Files

I recently upgraded to Scrivener 3 for Windows. I was able to back up my files normally the first few days, but now I am receiving error messages, and the program fails to save backups no matter where I try to save them on my computer or cloud.

I receive the following:
Cannot Create Temporary copy for backup

Temporary copy destination: “C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp\7469434C-D951-4194-AFA6-0AB2E861B591\Wielders.scriv”

I’ve tried changing the save destination with no luck. Has anyone had a similar problem or perhaps is more computer savvy than I am? It’s very frustrating to be unable to backup my work.

What Internet security/anti-virus suite are you using? Many of the third-party add-ons have had a history of interfering with Scrivener’s writes to the disk. If they offer a way to whitelist or allow specific applications, make sure Scrivener is on that allow list.

Thank you for replying! I am using Bitdefender at the moment.

This may help you to let Scrivener through the Bitdefender Firewall:

Any ideas on how to get it to work for those of us who only have what Microsoft installed? I took every single third party virus / vpn / firewall off this laptop, but I still can’t create a backup copy.

Tell us more about any errors you are getting and where the backup location is.