Scrivener 3 for Windows crashes at Create New Project or Save As screens

I recently purchased Scrivener 3.0 (Version: (1238528) 64-bit - 23 Mar 2021). Running Windows 10 Home x64.

When I try to do a SAVE AS it displays the SAVE AS screen for 2-3 seconds and then the Scrivener program closes completely. The same behavior happens when I try to create a new project (when i click Create button it briefly displays Save As screen then closes program, not allowing me to create/save).

I tried to uninstall Scrivener and folders, and reinstalled - temporarily fixed problem, but it came back.

I also disabled my Avira Antivirus Real-Time Protection, no change in behavior.

I tried adding both Scrivener3 program and project folders to Avira Exceptions (whitelist), no change in behavior.

Additional Information: I attached the Windows Error Reporting (WER) file for the Scrivener crash - could Scrivener tech support folks look to see what is causing this and what the fix might be?

Where are you trying to create or save the project? Do you have write access to that location? Is it inside a zip file or disk image?

Hi offrrokr,

You don’t really gain anything by double-posting.


If you want the direct attention of L&L support, contact them directly:


Thanks Jim - I’ve been trying to find how to do that, but this website is not very clear.

Yeah, L&L is a relatively tiny company and they encourage the forums as a first line of support. There are quite a few knowledgeable users here who assist others with problem-solving, tech tips, and whatnot.

But that link I provided will get you directly to L&L support.

The challenge you’re having with Scrivener is going to be something related specifically to your PC. As mentioned in the other thread, the other folks–the many other folks–who experienced the same symptoms as you found the issue was their anti virus. I saw you turned off Avira Real-Time protection and that it didn’t help. I have to ask: are you certain it was completely disabled? Or, by any chance, are you running multiple anti-virus programs?

Have you tried Scrivener in Windows Safe Mode?

Here are instructions (from the Avira site :smiley: )

Jim - I am not a Windows guru - just a normal user. I never have had to use Windows Safe Mode, nor do I expect to with professional, consumer software. Thanks so much for your assistance, but I am submitting this directly to Support by your recommendation - I would delete this post thread if I knew how - but cannot find any way to do that.

Me too!

Then you’ve been fortunate and have led a charmed Windows life. :smiley:

Kidding aside, booting in safe mode is just a test to rule out a problem with your Scrivener installation itself. It’s just a process of elimination thing. If Scrivener works fine in safe mode, then that points to something else on your PC interfering with Scrivener. Sometimes apps don’t play well with other apps.

I wish you the best. Once it’s sorted, I hope you enjoy writing in Scrivener.

FYI - update: Ran Windows 10 in Safe Mode and behavior did not change. Switched from Avira to Kaspersky antivirus and added all folders and Scrivener3 program to whitelist, and behavior did not change.

Submitted to Tech Support - if they cannot help will switch back to old Windows version.