Scrivener 3 for Windows: How to include document synopsis and notes in compile?

Hi everybody, anybody know how I can get my synopsis and notes for each document included in my compile?

I use Scrivener 3 for Windows now.


You do that in the Section Layouts. Go to Compile, then either double-click the section layout or select Edit Format from the gear icon in the lower left corner. Check the Synopsis and Notes boxes for whichever sections you want to see them.[attachment=0]SynNotes.png[/attachment]

A good format to start from is “Outline Document”, which comes with some layouts that already include the title + synopsis, and while notes are not included in any of them by default, they are formatted in the background so all you would have to do is check the box on the “Title and Synopsis” layout.

I’m unable to work the sequence to select synopsis and notes in this outline format. Numerous attempts leave me every time with the whole editor draft text selected, but nothing of synopsis or notes.
I want to exclude the manuscript, export only chapter numbers, chamber titles, and associated synopsis or note entries.
I’ve accessed the Scrivener manual, online Scrivener experts, and read all I can find in the forums to no avail.
TLDR: Can anyone present a short, step by step process to produce a compiled outline with chapter numbers, chapter titles, and all the scenes with their synopsis?

→ just found elsewhere in the forums, by accident, this guide for moving from Scrivener 1 to Scrivener 3:

→ why in the world is this not promoted to all of us migrating from Scrivener 1??

I only hope it answers all my questions…