Scrivener 3 for Windows launch date?

I see on a page on the website written in Dec 2018 saying 3 would be out “by the end of 2nd quarter 2019.”
Any word on the new version?

Right below that on the same page:

Note: This page was updated on 10th December 2018 with a revised estimated release date.

There has been no official announcement or update from L&L yet, but given the current state of the beta I would be very surprised if the release version was ready in that time frame. The betas are making very good progress, there’s just more to do.

Do you feel it’s stable enough for me to use?

I can’t make that determination for you.

I suggest you download the latest beta (at the time of writing, beta 17 although we are expecting a newer version soon as beta 17 expires on June 20th) and play with it with a copy of your project and make sure that you are comfortable with using it in all of the scenarios you are likely to use. If you decide to use it at that point, make sure you are taking good backups.

Thanks, Devin.

I believe the closest thing you’ll get to an official answer is “When it’s done.”

That should be “IF it gets done.” So far it is vaporware

Vaporware? That is quite simply a very silly thing to assert.

I have been using the beta version since sometime last year. I literally use it every day for two web projects. It works perfectly for me. I don’t need complex compiling, and I believe some areas there and elsewhere are still being worked on.

Vaporware describes software that is promised but never arrives. The beta versions of Scrivener (which number 18 now) arrive on time every time - two or three days before the previous beta expires.

Scrivener 3 for Windows definitely exists, it works, you can download it for free. It is not yet working as well as L&L want it to work so it isn’t an official release yet.

But you already know all this if you read these forums. Congratulations on your first post.

Vaporware? What are ya using to write now, gehoeflinger, a quill pen, a bottle of ink, and a pen knife to keep the quill as sharp as your wit? Having a little trouble getting your own work done, are ya, with your single post?

I recently started another novel with Beta 17, which I have now loaded into the latest Beta 18 version. It works wonderfully. A list of my series/character summaries/plots from Beta 17; items in a Research folder; characters, and on and on all came across seamlessly.

Keep on keeping on with that quill, gehoeflinger. You’ll have something or other done in no time.

Two things are certain: this question is going to be asked repeatedly until v3 is official. And Twolane will continue to be an absolute wanker to anyone daring question the application by intimating they can’t write or don’t want to or are looking for some kind of excuse to procrastinate. Has it ever occurred to you that people just want a fully functioning NON-EXPIRING app to run? Good lord. You and others have no idea just how badly you come across (and that includes Kathleen, who more often than not just sounds pissy in responses).

Thank you, cf13, for the non-jackass, actually informative update. I’m looking forward to v3, if they get it out the door this time.

My wanking will get you to a paid copy of Win V3 just as fast as your comment concerning a release date:

I’m looking forward to v3, if they get it out the door this time.<<

Glad to see you have so much confidence in the developers providing a viable product. Obvs if it doesn’t arrive, you’ll move on from complaining about it and try something else.

Folks, let’s keep this civil. We can express disagreement without resorting to ad hominems.

Scrivener 1.97. the same that i have been using for several years through the 1.X iterations. i don’;t want to have to install iterations of a beta on my Linux Machine. I also only want to change the file structure once.

I think what is being objected to is less your own preferences (which are entirely understandable!), and the use of the term “vaporware”. It’s not something with a really solid definition, but in most cases I hear it referred to thing that have been announced but nobody has seen a shred of evidence for its existence outside of hype, blogs and such. So by that definition, a public beta contradicts that designation. But others will interpret the phrase more loosely to include beta cycles as well—for example Gmail was called vapourware by some, until it went out of the beta.

Personally I don’t find the latter definition very useful, in that I think it is more useful to be able to clearly classify marketing and hype from projects that clearly do exist in a state where anyone can access it—but just aren’t called done yet and on sale (or whatever, in the case of FOSS).

It exists already. It’s called Scrivener 1.9.7.