Scrivener 3 for Windows?

I am currently using the trial version of Scrivener for Windows, and I’m ready to purchase the program.

Will Scrivener Version 3 for Windows be released soon? I don’t want to have to purchase now, and pay for an upgrade in a matter of weeks.

I’d rather start “clean” with the latest version. Should I hang tight, pending an announcement?

Thank you for any help you can give me with timing my purchase.

Hello Debra,
Your post will probably make many windows users smile ruefully. There has been a long wait for Scrivener 3. My children have grown and left home, my hair receded, and now I have a beard. All thanks to waiting for Scrivener 3. Seriously though. The Scrivener developers are a small bunch, not in height I may add, but in numbers. It is reportedly due out later this year. We have been informed by the mods that there will be a discount for current Scrivener owners and this would take into account a recent purchase, should it be released shortly. That however is not going to happen. It is very keenly priced anyway for such an excellent program, so I would advise you to feel free to purchase when your trial ends. This will give you a nice early start on going through the tutorial and getting to know the program thoroughly before any other bells and whistles are added. The program can be simple… to very complex. Good luck.

Thank you, Broadsides.

I had looked through the forum and found an older post that indicated it would be released in the latter half of 2017. Now that it’s June, it seemed worth the time to ask. Nothing ventured, no?

I’ve been using the trial version for about a week, and am already comfortable enough as a user to purchase the program. That said, I will put it off for a little while longer in case an announcement is forthcoming.

I only hope I don’t end up with a beard!

Fair enough, but here is a quote from a post on the Scrivener for Mac forum. Notice the dates.

"Anything to share about Scrivener 3.0?
Postby thomas.rabenstein » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:09 am

After a few hints I read in the forum about the possible release of 3.0 for Mac in 2016, I am certainly thrilled and anxious to know more about what’s coming."

They are still waiting too. It has also been stated that the new Mac version will be released first, with the windows one following a few months after. Apparently the Scrivener for Mac is in closed Beta testing, so should be awhile.

You might be needing a little Grecian 2000 for your new beard…

Thanks, Broadsides! :smiley:

As noted, people who purchase within a month or two of the next release will generally get a free upgrade. So if Scrivener 3.0 were released next week (it won’t be), you’d be covered. And all existing users will get an upgrade discount.


Has there been any talk or release about change and added features in 3.0 or is it still hush-hush?