Scrivener 3 for windows?

Is Scrivener 3 for window out yet? I want to use with Scrivener 3 I have for my Mac. I just tried to shar a file between Scrivener for Mac and windows and it wouldn’t open the file in windows. It gave me a window that said it can’t open the Dropbox file because my windows version of Scrivener is to old. When I check updates it said it’s up to date so therefore I must need scrivener 3 for windows to sync my machines using Dropbox. Someone please tell me it is available?

No, it’s not out yet. Beta testing has been underway since Mac v3 was released.

Here is the latest official update from L&L on Windows v3.


    Thanks Jim.

I am in the same situation. Since I have the full version of Scriv 3 on my mac I feel comfortable using the beta on my windows machine. I’ve been doing this for months now with no issues other than a compile bug.