scrivener 3 for windows?

Hi, i’m thinking of buying scrivener, but because I read that the purchase is only for the current version, I’m tentative to buy now in case scrivener 3 is imminent.

Can anyone tell me when scrivener 3 is due for windows?

We don’t know officially yet, but anyone who buys a license for Scrivener 1.9 for Windows (the current release) from November 2017 on (so, including now) will automatically get a free upgrade to v3 when it is finally released. Buy with confidence!

Those of us waiting have been waiting much much longer than promised. Buy at your own risk.

Version 3 is available as a free beta, updated monthly. It is in its 13th iteration of a pre-release version. It is becoming more and more stable every month.

There is no need to ‘wait’ for it. If you are willing to put up with possible quirks and crashes, it is available now, for nothing. :mrgreen:

V1.9 has less bells and whistles but is as solid as any other complex software released out there and does everything you need to produce a manuscript. You can run both versions together for testing purposes, but projects from V2.9.9.13 cannot be directly loaded into the older version.

You can however drag and drop them from within one version to the other, as far as I know, which has a similar effect.

There is no scenario under which they will not release V3 at some point and anyone who has bought V1.9 in the last 3 years will get a free upgrade. I don’t see a problem here.

Thanks. I’d like to try scrivener 3 beta but don’t seem able to find it on the downloads page. Where can I get it please?

The link is in a pinned post at the top of the Beta Testing (Windows) forum.


I’ve just installed the latest beta. It says it will expire after 31 December 2020. Is there a Beta that lasts longer than two days?

No, but there will be a new one before it expires

ah ok, thanks. V3 looks amazing, much more polished! V1.9 was so ugly it was like a trip back to the 90s :smiley: Incredible improvement. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this, and that’s before I’ve discovered the functional improvements.

I notice that the beta versions seem to have quite a short expiry time. Are there ever periods between beta releases where there isn’t an operable version available? Just wondering because I’ve started writing in the beta, but worried that when the current beta expires there may be nothing to replace it. Could be problematic if the beta is not backward compatible.

Since Beta1 in 2017 L&L have never failed to have a new one out before expiry.

This issue has not occurred in any of the betas I have participated in for L&L over the years. The whole point of the expiration time is to ensure that participants in the testing are not wasting time and energy on old builds that are no longer relevant. It dramatically simplifies things for the developers to not have to track and port bugfixes between multiple active versions – and it actually makes the resolution of bugs happen more quickly.


Version: Beta (1175332) 64-bit - 19 Jan 2021


I would like to lend my support (vote of confidence) for Scrivener Beta 3 for Windows.

I’ve been using it since around March (I think) of 2020, with no major issues. An occasional quirk here and there, one hard crash (that I can recall) but no data loss.

I haven’t been put off at all about the updates. All but once have been pretty seamless. The notice comes up, I hit okay, it downloads and asks me where to install, I hit enter and sit back for a minutes and then fire it up again. Takes just about as long to happen as it did for me to write this paragraph. The “once” was the time it didn’t pop up to remind me and I had to go find it on the site to download and install-- just like above.