Scrivener 3 Free Upgrade?


I bought Scrivener for windows and was promised I would get the upgrade to 3 for free. I put Scrivener 3 on my laptop (windows) but it said my trial version is over! I paid for it so I am confused why it isn’t working on my laptop. I have the old version on my desktop (also windows) but read I could put scrivener on both of my devices. I’m currently having trouble getting wifi to work on my laptop, could this be the reason? Does it need the internet to work? Thank you for your help resolving this issue. I wanted to try Scrivener 3 beta on one of my devices but it doesn’t seem to realize I bought it.

I tried reinstalling it. But it wants an activation number. I am not on the internet on my laptop (Wifi headache). Will activating it on my laptop prevent me from using it on my desktop? This is frustrating. I just want to write on both my devices… :frowning: All anti-piracy preventatives does is give headaches to people who actually bought the software :frowning: I’m very frustrated that I spent the 2 hours I had to write trying to figure Scrivener errors out! Well, I’m sure the pirates are having no problem getting through this stuff, I paid for it and cannot even use it. This kind of thing only hurts the people who pay for it.

You should not need a license to use the Windows Scrivener 3 beta, as it is not yet a released product. However, you do need to make sure you have the latest beta version, which you can download here:

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please send an email to our sales team with a copy of your receipt.


Hmm, the beta expires then? I only have problems with the Beta, so I uninstalled it and I’m just using the 1.9 version. Thanks Katherine!

Yes, the beta expires, generally right about the time the next beta is released.

The release version of Scrivener 3 will not expire.