Scrivener 3: How to set default text color?

How can I set text color in Scrivener 3? I can’t figure this out!

In Prefs -> Appearance -> Main Editor I can change Editor and Fixed Width Background, but can’t find anywhere to change text color. I want to make the background dark to go easier on the eyes.


This previous discussion is still applicable.


You have two main ways to set the appearance of the default paragraph style (that’s the one called ‘No Style’…) — they both use the same mechanism, but one sets the ‘general default’ paragraph format for all new documents in this and any other project. The other allows you to override the default for just this project you’re working on.

The first is in Preferences > Editing > Formatting. There you’ll see a dummy text box, with formatting controls. Click in the dummy text and the controls will become active — and you can change the text colour (it’s the one to the right of the alignment controls). You can also change almost everything else about the default ‘No Style’ paragraph there too. From now on, any new document in this and any project will use this format.

That is, unless you use the second method to override the default. Go to Project > Project Settings > Formatting and you’ll see the same dummy text box which you can change as before. The difference is that this will only apply to new documents in this project. (You’ll see that you can also opt to have another style as this project’s default paragraph style, if you want).

Actually the easiest way to set either of the two methods is to format a paragraph in a document in the binder exactly as you want to see it, then go to the one of the two preference panels and click the ‘Use Formatting in Current Editor’ button to transfer the settings automatically.

When you’ve got it all set up (using either the general default or the project default), select all the documents you’ve already created and select Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting. It will ask a few questions then do the conversion. Best to test this a couple of time to see how it works.

Hope this helps…