Scrivener 3 is not working


I had a previous version of Scrivener and downloaded Scrivener 3. It wouldn’t work (see #1 and #2 below), so I uninstalled the previous version of Scrivener. Still doesn’t work. This is kind of alarming (not to be able to open my old projects).

I would love to have this working for a 3 day course I’m taking starting Friday morning.

Would love some help, thanks!

  1. Scrivener 3 won’t open my projects created in the previous version of Scrivener. They show up on the list, and they are in my Windows folders, but I can’t open them.

  2. When I create a new project in Scrivener 3, it won’t let me type in it (though I can name each new doc)

Welcome to the forum!

Here are a few suggestions and questions, which might help sort out what is occurring:

  1. You might check your anti-virus and Windows security tools to make sure that Scrivener 3 is whitelisted on your computer. An overzealous security tool might be interfering.

  2. Can you open the Interactive Tutorial from Scrivener 3’s Help menu? If you can open it, can you save a copy of it to the same place your existing projects are saved? And, can you type in the Tutorial or alter it at all?

  3. Can you access the Scrivener Upgrade Guide? If you can access the Upgrade Guide, can you save it or alter it? (By the way, the Upgrade Guide is a Scrivener 1 project, which you can use to become familiar with Scrivener’s project-format-upgrade process before upgrading your live projects.)

  4. When you try opening your existing projects, does Scrivener 3 show a pop-up that says it will be upgrading the project formatting on your existing projects and ask you to confirm that it should?

Hi Ruth, wow, thank you for all of this! It feels a bit daunting but I will dig in and try these things later today, fingers crossed!